Upgrading Virtual Machine Hardware

After upgarding VMware Workstation to latest version Virtual Machine Hardware need to be upgrade also. Here is a quick step to upgrade virtual machine hardware,

Make sure you have,

  1. Power On Virtual Machine and Installed latest version of VMware Tools on VMs
  2. Power off Virtual Machine

Follow the Figures below to upgrade Virtual Machine Hardwares,

Click “Next”

Change “Hardware Compatibility” to “Workstation 8” and Click “Next”

Choose “Alter this virtual Machine” if you don’t want to create another Virtual Machine with latest hardware and Click “Next”

Click “Finish”.

Now Virtual Machine is sucessfully upgraded to latest hardware.

Power On VMs and let windows to detect latest hardware and Restart one more time to finish the upgrading process.

*Notes* In this sample, I have used VMware Workstation 8 and Windows 7 x64.

Reference: VMware KB Article : 1003746

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