Replacing Failed Disk from Drobo

Last week, one of the hard disk failed from my Drobo. Following steps are how to change failed disk from Drobo very easily. My Drobo was setup to allow one disk failure by using BeyondRAID, Drobo’s propitiatory raid technology, to make our life easier.

Below steps were performed through Drobo Dashboard,

This picture shows middle disk was failed and it had been pulled out,

Notes: Blue LED showing that Drobo has no free space and full. (Replace failed disk or add disk immediately)

After pulled out failed disk, Drobo will show where to add new disk,

Newly purchased 250GB was added to Drobo and it will automatically rebuild raid system.

Mean time, Drobo is still accessible but a bit slow. Blue LED line which represent to available capacity is back to normal.

Wait for rebuilding process to finish.

That’s easy.

Do and Don’t


  • Follow Drobo dashboard instructions to add and remove hard disk.
  • Add new hard disk, one at a time. If not rebuilding process will hang.
  • Can still access files during rebuilding process, but be patient.
  • Always update Drobo dashboard and device firmware whenever Drobo Dashboard show new update is available.


  • Don’t power off during rebuilding process, if do, Drobo will start rebuild from beginning again.
  • Don’t add new hard disk to different drive bay than Drobo ask you.
  • Don’t add multiple hard disk at the same time, the rebuilding process will hang.
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4 Responses to Replacing Failed Disk from Drobo

  1. I saw the Drobo demo, it was fantastic.
    1. How much is it? Where to buy?
    2. Do they support NFS?

    • akmyint says:

      It will cost about S$450++, you can easily get from SimLim.
      This model doesn’t support NFS or iSCSI.
      Drobo B800i supports iSCSI.

  2. hi my dropo take huge time to process the new disks >>>> help me

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